Gallery Show

Friday October 7th 6PM

The Ice House Phoenix

Address: 429 W Jackson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

In about ten days I will host my biggest furniture show to date, the ONE TREE collection. This will be the culmination of over three years work as a furniture-maker in Phoenix. A week after the show I will be relocating to Clarkdale, AZ. This is a very special time for me and a great time to see the collection. It will be an awesome opportunity to see my progress as a furniture-maker, or a good first look at what I do. In either case, I look forward to seeing you there.




ONE TREE is a collection of furniture made from a single Mesquite Tree.

The “ONE TREE” collection will be on display at Ice House Phoenix, during Urban Organics.


20160914_185551Starting with a Chilean/Argentine Mesquite tree milled by Todd Langford, I set out to create a complete collection.

img_1105-copyThis collection will include:

A living room set- side table, coffee table, 2 end tables, and 2 tiny tables.

A patio set- bench, 2 end tables, and a patio bar.


This wood is deeply figured and unique, the colors and grains show though in a vivid manner. The pieces within each set are cut so you can see where in each slab they came from.


Urban Organics– October 7th at 6:00 pm

Featuring: Joe Holdren, Scott Woodward and Myself

The Icehouse 

Arts Organization
Address: 429 W Jackson St, Phoenix, AZ 85003




Artisan Shelving for the Southwest Truck Driving School

SWTC: Breaker IC, Breaker IC. You got your ears on?   This is SWTD I need a radio check. IC: loud and clear Good buddy.

SWTC: I need some shelves, PRONTO!   IC:Ten-Four.  Over and out.

All 10- c0de aside This is some amazing wood, and these are some beautiful shelves. The trucking school office features, Black Acacia, Maple, White Oak, and some cocobola for good measure. The brackets are Blue steel and the wood is silky smooth, lending a little warmth to each office.

Building Bridges!

Building Bridges from Phoenix to Brooklyn to Ghent.

In early spring I was Given an opportunity to travel to NYC, no real plans of what to do how to do it. So I packed  some clothes, a few tools and a couple of journals and headed out. This is a long story so I will break it up into a few Blog post, Kinda Tarantino it up a little. So first up will be Ghent, I spent a month working on a small 1840’s farm house where I would Build a bridge, work on a bathroom and try and find a few commissions. It was a large property with a 1840’s farm house, 7 or so out buildings and a stream through the west side. Which brings us to part one…

The Bridge.

The farm was the site of an old water powered saw mill, for the turbine powered mill they had build a sluice way, this created a fork in the stream, which created an “island” that would need a bridge. Using wood left over from when the saw mill was torn down, some found steel water pipes and some new steel I set off to build a bridge. The inspiration was from many places but, mostly a bridge crossing the Hudson near Kinderhook,NY.

Stream and a pile of wood.

Inspiration from Kinderhook,NY

Stream and Matthews studio

Building a bridge on dry land.

The stream and one piece at a time.

The Bridge is set.

Next in the series will be the farm, The Greater Hudson Museum of antiquated Farm equipment at Ghent, Why T is the man, and Industrial Craftsman Furniture East, also Known as Joe’s Garage.

Industrial Craftsman Furniture East!

Industrial Craftsman Furniture welcomes you to ICF East,Located in a 19th century barn of a farm house just outside  of Hudson in Ghent New york. The house is on the site of a former water powered saw mill and old post office/polling station, with 7 out buildings and lots of Barn wood, Car parts and old farm equipment to work with. The destination drives design and creativity, from the creek that runs along the space, to the style of the house and outbuildings inspiration and creativity abound. The first three pieces have been created and I am ready for commissions until may 25th.


The first “tiny tables” across the Mississippi! $85 each $130 for saw blade table.

The studio AKA Joe’s Garage!