Large Slab Tables.

Whether in a large Dining Room, Conference Room or Patio. A large solid wood slab table makes a big statement.

Elegant and graceful this table commands attention. It graces the dining room of a Model Home in Clarkdale, Arizona and can be Viewed at Vineyards on 89A.

Pizza Maker

We have a picnic Table

At twelve feet long this amazing Himalayan Ceder beauty comfortably seats 10 hungry pizza fans…And Carson Wheeler of Grand avenue Pizza never disappoints. (Visit this table @



Like a Boss

Want the “Home court advantage? Invite your clients to sit at this beauty. At four feet by almost ten feet this Colibah and Arizona Ash Beauty commands respect. While the geometry exhibits style and sophistication.



At a little over twelve feet this amazing Sequoia Table comfortably fits more family, than most find comfortable. But, Matt and Sarah never seem to mind, they will this beauty quite often, With festive friends and family, wonderful food and good company…

Large slab tables begin at $3500…


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