Industrial Craftsman Furniture:

ICF is a small workshop located in Clarkdale, AZ, Set on a Hillside overlooking Sycamore Canyon. It is a small simple place, filled with nature, wildlife and inspiration. Where Furniture and sculptures are Built one at a time, by hand using simple tools.

WM Hemphill

is an Artisan Furniture maker, who draws his philosophy from the Arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century, Naturalism and Minimalism . He has a love of nature, natural processes and geometry and these elements are apparent in his work. Wood selection, and execution are the focal point, using sustainably harvested hard wood he tries to create a piece that shows the intrinsic beauty of the wood. The bases are more like pedestals to showcase the wood and while interesting are never “Overly ornate”.


The Heart of the operation, the wood I use comes from two sources, Urban Foraged: Found in peoples yards, alleyways, dumpsters by me personally. Or Urban Forested: trees saved from the landfill and milled for use. I use mostly desert hardwoods, mesquite, acacia, and eucalyptus. 


My designs are inspired by nature, geometry and my  imagination. Its hard not to be inspired by nature especially here in Verde Valley, where the river carved away a million years of limestone to create epic valleys and canyons. I see the beauty in nature, the rocks, trees, plants and shapes it creates. Sacred geometry has always been an interest and it shapes my work.