Looking Back on 7 years of Industrial Craftsman Furniture

Looking back,
As 2020 causes a pause for many of us including myself and my work I thought it would be a beautiful time to look back and reflect on how I got here.
Industrial Craftsman furniture began as a part of Z00 Micro- nursery in 2013 I was building furniture out of the various things I would find in Alley’s and I bulk trash pickup around Phoenix.

Ménage LeBlanc working with what’s around you making something beautiful out of garbage showing that there is intrinsic value and honest materials.

The style was simple the material told me what it was going to be, very little design went into the process, if I had a foot long piece of steel I was going to have a foot tall table,
if I had a 3 foot wood top how is going to have a coffee table or maybe a bench simple things just to get the feel of building without too much pressure because pressure can stifle creativity ./

The tiny table was born from a pile of 1 foot scrap dumped off in a wheelbarrow fence cut offs 1 in.² tubing the collection was called plus or minus one cubic foot it was also in this time love bench was designed the idea being I could create a fluid space where benches and tables could be moved around as people came and went.

It was in this time some art pieces were designed, the parabolic table, trapped in a pyramid, old man Soleri, the fun gazebo.

It was during this time there is also practical work coffee tables, bars for local restaurants planters, everything was very real, very honest very raw is a Raw period Of my life I was doing a lot of healing by showing the value of discarded objects things people did not value but that were valuable and beautiful and just required a little bit of putting back together.

All in all there are about 50 pieces of work from from period, you can see one of the three bars on the patio grand Avenue pizza company, the second bar was there until third space closed a year and 1/2 ago, the table with the green egg and it is on the patio of Lola coffee most of the other works are in private collections and homes across the valley, it was a really mixed bag working with what was available some of the pieces were truly beautiful and some were little loss much like me in that. My hope is as you see the growth and change they represent.


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