Smoker For Barrio Café

Every once and a while I get to build something truly amazing. When Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza asks if you can build something…The only answer is yes. Anything you need. A chef who needs no introduction, creating a community on the Calle based around Localism, Culture and a love of community, Silvana has elevated the Phoenix food scene to an National and International level.

The Smoker!

I took the challenge seriously in 12 days from paper until delivery I built the smoker completely by hand. This uniquely designed smoker is built  3/16th plate steel, and weighs close to a ton. Hand fitting each piece I fabricated the box and grill first, adding in shelf supports that act as a “Skeleton” to prevent warping. The shelves are removable and set on a rack underneath. The latches are hand made and lock tight. The handles are mesquite and feature my signature W.


The doors are also framed out and double walled keeping heat off the doors. The fire box is lined with fire bricks. The smoke stack is brutalist inspired and has a handle for adjustment from the ground.

Big thanks to D-Rock, My Dad, JJ and Jeff.

Silvana, Wendy and the Barrio Family.

Amazing Sun God Mural By Angel Diaz.

And always my loving Miss Bane without who none of this happens/


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