Photo Gallery

In four years at Industrial Craftsman Furniture I have come a long way, From my earliest Tiny Tables until now its been a wonderful experience. The work has evolved in many ways as have I.Please take a look through and let me know which are your favorites. Thank you, Bill Hemphill





Coffee Table








Wm Hemphill Walnut Coffee Table











Miss Banes Dresser!







IMG_0689IMG_0645IMG_0566IMG_0596IMG_0532 copyIMG_0571 copyIMG_0601 copyIMG_0658 copyIMG_0622 copyIMG_0512 copyIMG_0650 copyIMG_0558 copyIMG_0607 copyIMG_0672 copyIMG_0587 copyIMG_0675 copyIMG_0614 copy









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