Cottonwood Farmer’s Market!


Old Town Cottonwood Farmers Market features local produce, assorted baked goods, local wares, and one perfectly minimalist furniture booth.


For the past five weeks I have set up my booth at the OTCWFM where the weather is perfect, the music is amazing and the people are engaging. The Industrial Craftsman Furniture booth consists of one slightly used cart showcasing the furniture du jour (whatever piece I was building that week).

This Black Acacia piece made a splash on the community…

Available at Cartwheels in Cottonwood.

Douglas Fir Coffee Table with copper inlays… Available at Zinnias on Melrose.

This one works as either a bench or as a table for behind a couch, made of old growth fir, steel and style.



Somewhere in an 1850’s farmhouse in GHent, NY.

The Kitsch-in, is an experiment in Traditional, industrial, and Craftsman styling. Rather than write out a long winded blog, I will let the pictures and description tell the story…


Starting with Barn wood reclaimed on site, I built the first counter and shelves. The barnwood is set on a 45 degree angle, the floor and ceiling follow…The shelves are matching barnwood, with parabolic brackets, and a stout maple counter…

1495509784379The wall behind the stove has blue steel wallpaper and Maple wainscoting, There is a maple and steel counter on either side of the stove…

1495428461195The counters are spalted maple with steel shelves beneath…

IMG_20170523_000124The coat rack features original hardware, any many years of paint and many colors, grinded in a pattern to tell the story…

1495511063659Behind the counter is reclaimed wannescotting from the “outdoor kitchen” with a floating maple shelf and topped of with a bold crown molding…1495640867831

Beneath lies a cabinet with a blue steel countertop and maple sliding doors…1495417901863

This creates a clean simple look and no doors to block the walkway…


The end of the counter features thick maple shelves and a cut out for a dishwasher…

The whole space ties together nicely using new and reclaimed materials, classic and contemporary design, and practical use of space. Creating a beautiful and usable space…


NY_Rhinebeck Pilates

Spring is a wonderful time in NY, the weather warms up, the flowers bloom…and stuff gets built.

Rhinebeck is an adorable hamlet on the Hudson river about an hour and a half north of the city, it features colonial and gothic architecture, cute, bustling shops and an amazing Pilates studio.

I had the privilege of building the front desk for said amazing studio, in this charmed hamlet. It started with locally sourced, spalted Maple that was beautifully figured and had dark lines of “spalting”. Then, I added some birch Plywood to match the existing furniture. The final step was creating a “charging station” where students could leave their cell phones, while escaping into the Pilates peace of mind.




Love Bench

Love benches are the perfect spot to sit, reflect and enjoy.

Perfect for two love benches add a beautiful accent to any patio, entryway or porch. Love Benches come in many styles and wood choices and start at $300. to order a  Love bench select a photo, wood type and theme. E-mail me @ bench-steel-woodbench-steel-wood20160301_174232IMG_0625IMG_0621IMG_06171456168719857img_0914-editbenchone_wsIMG_0419_MG_5618_2


Cherrywood Bench

Bowling Lane-bench

Bowling lane Bench

Bar and Bench.

 Douglas Fir Bar and Bench

Reclaimed wood from the white mountains, steel legs adjuster foot. It is 5’2″ long 34″ tall and 13″ wide…

Available now.


Industrial Craftsman Furniture Steel and wood bench with matching bar Handmade By Bill Hemphill

Step by step hand Bill’t…

Recent Projects.

TETRAHEDRON TINY TABLEimg_20161129_214312
Star octahedron in maple Table 

                                   Hidden Shelves



Star Octahedron Sculpture


Octahedron in Tiny Table


Tetrahedron Tiny Table


Black Star


Hyperbolic paraboloid table.


Year in review.

The Big One Barrio Gran Reserva.

This hand built gem was a collaboration between Wendy Gruber (owner of Barrio)

and I, the Walnut is so rich and chocolate you could eat it. Provided by Tom winkler.

The old favorite Grand avenue Pizza CO.

itemscope itemtype=””
Industrial/ Craftsman Furniture</span

Aside from being a great Pizza maker, Carson Wheeler is a fine wood aficionado,

and repeat offender. These new table tops feature mesquite  from wine glass bar sawmill,

and some old diner booths.

Far from home spring in New York

The Hudson Valley is a magical place that has attracted artist for centuries, do to its beauty, its serenity and bridges. This is a bridge I built with wood found on the property, I also found time to build a few commissioned pieces, and do a few installations…

Courtesy of Lyle Trued and matthew gamble…and the always amazing uncle TEE.

High design in an unlikely spot SouthWest truck driver training.

When Sean Williams of southwest approached me, I could tell he was ready to transform a space, Great designs, impeccable wood selection and a conference table for a boss.

Showing Off  Urban Organics at the IceHouse

With the Help of amazing artist Joe Holdren and Scott Woodward we ascended on the Icehouse Phoenix with an Epic showing of Furniture, Abstract Paintings and ceramic sculpture. Thanks, to amazing friends and patrons this show was amazing.

The bread and Butter.

At the end of the day my bread and butter are sales from Zinnias on melrose,

Cartwheels Gallery in Cottonwood and Commissions from Clients new and old.

It keeps the designs fresh and evolving and good clients give me great pleasure.

Thank, you all for making my year amazing.