Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution – Mark Hughes and Bill Hemphill present a unique gallery of completely hand made work. This gallery will feature the artisanship of furniture maker Bill Hemphill and the ceramic plant artistry of Mark Hughes. These Phoenix-based craftsman invite you to explore the possibilities available when a community embraces the idea of hand-made quality goods having a value and purpose in everyday life. Opening May 22, featuring the art of Julie Huffman, Aztec Smurf and Sal DeLuna. Music by DJ Just Chris, Dehga, and Papi Von Salchi. 1020 N. 5th St. Phoenix 85006 6PM; live projection mapping with each DJ set and refreshments will be served. This space is designed to challenge the mass-produced system that permeates modern American culture. This gallery will present an honest and exciting survey of Phoenix’s burgeoning craftsman and artisans.

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