The building of furniture for Welcome Chicken +Doughnuts.

I was pretty excited when some guys from the Welcome family decided to let me build out an entire restaurant.

So I drew some pictures wrote some details and they seemed to like them.


Big pile of wood from HELDT lumber co.


Derrick and I moving some steel.


John and I moving some wood.


POlish the bottom too.

So we start the, poles belong to Primo the company doing the shade. We are going to build our tables off of their structure.  Being a one man shop I had to hire some help so, I enlisted my bike mechanic Derrick and my Architect John                           _MG_4728 _MG_4770 So we get to work Building benches and tables._MG_4837  I Along with my Bike mechanic and Architect Built everything with a hand full of tools I brought in on a bicycle trailer.


Good hair week.


Symetry is for the simple minded.


The kids approve!

_MG_5129_MG_5176In all One counter, six interior tables, two 20′ picnic tables and 11 benches built in just over a week. _MG_5221John and i enjoy some chicken, the children enjoy a nap. A special Thanks to Lindsay Bane for Photos, LOve and moral support. You are rad.


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